Crisis Centre (Singapore), a Singapore voluntary welfare organisation founded in 2017, is a shelter for men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We provide not only shelter and basic necessities for our residents but also programs that enable residents to move on in their lives away from dependency into self-sufficiency via employment, education or training. We are a registered charity under the Commissioner of Charities.
(Charity Reg No. T18SS0008H)


To improve the life of the homeless by providing lodging, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to transform their quality of life and overcome their negative personal circumstances.


To ensure that every marginalized individual in Singapore is given the opportunity to overcome their negative circumstances to build a more self-sufficient lifestyle and future.


Our motto, Rebuilding Lives can be broken into our 4 Rs we use as our guide for all our programs and activities.

Refuge | Renew | Re-Equip | Reintegrate


Provide safe lodging, food and sanitation for male individuals above the age of 21.

Provide counselling, rehabilitation and programmes to allow residents to move away from negative circumstances.

Provide activities which help residents to develop life skills.

Enable residents to move on in their lives away from dependency into self-sufficiency.

Raise local awareness of the needs of the homeless and socially excluded people

Our Board